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The founder of Parkour, David Belle, does not see Parkour only
as a sport, but rather as a creative art that helps the
own body and environment to recognize and overcome limits
- without the ulterior motive or without ambitions to impress.
Reckless or dangerous situations are not in the nature of
Parkour (e.g. flips or somersaults).
And there is no competitive aspect of Parkour (eg. contests)
Also see » Freerunning.

The respect of Traceurs

Due the philosophy of Parkour a respectful handling
of the traceurs with his surroundings and the
people is required.
The traceur is dependent on its environment and
therefore they should be striving to keep it intact,
even if he is treading the beaten track.
He also relies on an understanding of his fellow man
when he goes his way. So he should also respect
others who have unusual interests, confront openly and not be dominated by prejudice.

Parkour as the art of movement

Parkour is the art of movement and intertwined with the public (urban) space. The traceur takes the public space and he takes him without the abuse of the space. Thus, the traceur can also act as "custodians" of the "occupied space" and will find its place and meaning in the art to interact with the space.