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What is freerunning?

"Freerunning is a form of urban acrobatics in which participants, known as free runners, use the city and rural landscape to perform movements through its structures. The term freerunning was coined during the filming of Jump London, as a way to present parkour to the English-speaking world. Parkour's emphasis on efficiency distinguishes it from the similar practice of freerunning, which places more emphasis on freedom of movement and creativity." » Wikipedia

Freerunning consists of different movements and motions, which reflects the creativity of the freerunner.
These movements are rotations, screws and runs in a variety of combination with turns, push off, rolls .. together.
Examples are : front flip (forward somersault) would Sideflip (side somersault), backflip (back somersault), wall spin, palm spin, Butterfly Twist (B-twist, horizontal screw in the air), Gainer (tucked somersault) and variations of aerials (eg cartwheel Aerial).
Varations would e.g. the so called "Tunnelflip", which is a screwed sideflip.
Many movements can also be (partly in modified form) in other sports / movement types, such as dance, acrobatics, gymnastics, various martial arts like Capoeira, Breakdance / B-Boying, ...
Thus, the Freerunner has a virtually inexhaustible reservoir from which he can always create something new (movements).
Therefore, the creativity of the Freerunner has hardly any limits.
Each obstacle, each situation may develop new creations of movements.

Because of the non efficience of many motion (or unsafe), freerunning can not be parkour.
An additional element is that Freerunning can be performed in the competition. In Parkour there is no competition. » Parkour

For simplicity, therefore, the distinction: "parkour is the efficient and safe way" and "Freerunning is the creative way" would be quite useful.

Everyone have to decide for themselves, what form of art is ultimately the way you train and perform. Many do parkour and train other types of motion and movements.
The boundary between who is - a traceur and / or a freerunner - is not rather clear.
You can have a look at » What is a traceur to find a definition by your own.

But both are artists of movement!

Parkour and freerunning is movement and the art of movement!