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What is a traceur?

In principle, a traceur is the person who exercises/practice Parkour.
The term traceur originated from the French language (as Parkour itself) and means "paves the way" - which would mean "goes his way."
The traceur moves with maximum efficiency and saftey, with a "flow" through the natural and urban environment. Along the way he overcome all kinds of obstacles and enters new ways, never seen before.
At the same time one learns the environment (artistic) change, without changes to be made to the environment.
The change is "only" in the eye of the observer and usually disappears with the speed of the traceurs.

Forging new and unknown ways requires a high degree of self control and intuition of the situations. (Risk assessment)
A "good" traceur will identify and avoid hazards, learn to assess situations. Control over the doing is an important factor, without which a traceur can not enjoy his freedom.
Stunts or "Jack-Ass-Actions" are not practicable for traceurs. Permanent practice is a must and sustainability does make sense not the kick.

The traceur uses his surroundings, respecting them, without being destructive.
See under » Parkour Philosophy

Many people are dedicated to parkour and the being a Traceur for different reasons. Some will be presented at Le Traceur.net and they will speak about their experiences in their life, and of course talk about Parkour.
They come from different countries and walks of life. In monthly intervals, new traceurs are presented - beginners, professionals and people, who have retired from parkour.

» Traceur "Rocket"